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Wireless Mesh Network Link Failure Issues and Challenges: A Survey

Rucha Pawar1 , Vailshali Munguwadi2 , Pranav Lapsiwala3

Section:Survey Paper, Product Type: Journal
Vol.6 , Issue.3 , pp.28-36, Jun-2018

Online published on Jun 30, 2018

Copyright © Rucha Pawar, Vailshali Munguwadi, Pranav Lapsiwala . This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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Citation :
IEEE Style Citation: Rucha Pawar, Vailshali Munguwadi, Pranav Lapsiwala, “Wireless Mesh Network Link Failure Issues and Challenges: A Survey”, International Journal of Scientific Research in Network Security and Communication, Vol.6, Issue.3, pp.28-36, 2018.

MLA Style Citation: Rucha Pawar, Vailshali Munguwadi, Pranav Lapsiwala "Wireless Mesh Network Link Failure Issues and Challenges: A Survey." International Journal of Scientific Research in Network Security and Communication 6.3 (2018): 28-36.

APA Style Citation: Rucha Pawar, Vailshali Munguwadi, Pranav Lapsiwala, (2018). Wireless Mesh Network Link Failure Issues and Challenges: A Survey. International Journal of Scientific Research in Network Security and Communication, 6(3), 28-36.

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Abstract :
Wireless Mesh network gives the new definition in wireless broadband technology with the advantage of various enhanced features such as self organising, self-configuring and self-healing which helps to significantly reduce the complexity, cost and enhances network capacity, connectivity and flexibility. WMN integration with multiple mesh client and ad-hoc network demands reliability.This article depicts the issue of frequent link failure in WMNs and their effects on throughput, congestion and energy consumption. As compared to conventional ad-hoc network, wireless mesh network covers large geographical region. Wireless network uses fidelity standard for media access and communication that is highly immune to noise and interference. Therefore, link and route maintenance is always a challenge for the researchers. This paper presents study of WMN different characteristics, link failure issues, advantages and its drawback. Such a mesh network can be used in the development of IoT, Smart Cities applications, electronic noise system and etc.

Key-Words / Index Term :
Wireless mesh network; Link failure; Link quality; WMN Architecture

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