Best Paper Award

The chief editor identifies several of the high quality papers accepted based on the reviewers’ comments. After receiving final feedback from technical committee, the chief editor decides which published paper will receive the Best Paper Award;
IJSRNSC Best paper selection criteria:

  • Significance of the paper to the field of computer science;
  • The extent to which the paper is interesting;
  • Theoretical contribution;
  • Scientific/technical significance of the topic or problem investigated;
  • Use of appropriate methodological rigor;
  • Clarity of writing.
  • Open Access   Article

    Proposed Jamming Removal Technique for Wireless Sensor Network

    Amr M. Kishk, Nagy W. Messiha, Nawal A. El-Fishawy, Abdelrahman A. Alkafs, Ahmed H. Madian

    Research Paper | Journal (IJSRNSC)

    Vol.3 , Issue.2 , pp.1-14, Mar-2015

  • Open Access   Article

    Delving into Security of Networks - Times Need

    Annie Singla, Kamal Jain and Ajay Gairola

    Research Paper | Journal (IJSRNSC)

    Vol.2 , Issue.3 , pp.1-8, May-2014

  • Open Access   Article

    E-IRRIGATION: An Automation of Irrigation using Wireless Networks

    Chandraprakash Patidar

    Research Paper | Journal (IJSRNSC)

    Vol.1 , Issue.5 , pp.18-20, Nov-2013

  • Open Access   Article

    Architecture for Network-Intrusion Detection and Response in open Networks using Analyzer Mobile Agents

    M.Shivakumar, R.Subalakshmi, S. Shanthakumari and S.John Joseph

    Research Paper | Journal (IJSRNSC)

    Vol.1 , Issue.4 , pp.1-7, Sep-2013

  • Open Access   Article

    Modelling and simulation of DDOS Attack using SimEvents

    Abubakar Bala and Yahya Osais

    Research Paper | Journal (IJSRNSC)

    Vol.1 , Issue.2 , pp.5-14, May-2013

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